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Warranty Terms

• The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase mentioned in the special box on the guarantee form, or on the purchase document (receipt or invoice) and has a duration equal to that also stated on the guarantee form.

• The warranty period is defined per product in the warranty form or is listed in the online store techpoint.gr For Laptop, PC, Server, Workstation Computers, a full warranty (work and accessories) is provided. Batteries and chargers have a 3-month warranty (Laptop).

New batteries or new charger have a 12-month warranty. Batteries are not considered to have a gradual reduction in service life, as this is normal for everyone. However, it is considered a failure (and the battery is replaced), if there is a drastic reduction in duration (eg it lasts only 15-20 minutes).
• The guarantee is valid only with the presentation of the guarantee form or the purchase document.

• Before delivering a product for repair, the customer must have made backup copies of his data and have deleted confidential or personal data. Our Company has the right to delete everything in the storage medium of the device and to install other software or to reinstall what is given by the manufacturer if deemed necessary to repair the damage.
This warranty does not cover
• consumable parts of the devices (eg diskettes, CDs, cables, toner, inks, etc.)

• Damage caused by mishandling, improper use, shock, incorrect connection, mains voltage fluctuation, short circuit, fire, extreme temperature, humidity, weather (lightning, flood, sun exposure)

• Damage caused during transport. If upon delivery of a parcel by transport, and in case of visible external damage, we recommend customers not to receive the parcel, and to inform us.
• Breaking of plastics, hinges, boards, etc. regardless of the reason that caused it.
• Our Company assumes no other responsibility, other than those explicitly mentioned above. It is particularly emphasized that it bears no responsibility, and undertakes absolutely no obligation to repair anything related to it. Installations / program settings. Loss of data stored on computers. Interconnection of computers with each other, or with other networks (eg internet). Losses caused by machine failure, even lost profits.
• The warranty does not cover damage to materials that have not been purchased from our store either under warranty or out of warranty and no support is provided either by phone or in-store.
• In case a machine is presented which is found to have no technical problem (eg the computer is working normally, but there is a problem in the software settings), the customer may be charged for one hour of work (minimum charge).
• The appliance must not have been opened by an unauthorized technician.
• The device must not have been modified.
• Does not cover software problems, viruses, or operating system problems
• Does not cover on-site repairs (Onsite).
Special warranty terms
• The warranty automatically expires in the following cases:
1. When the product is operated by an unauthorized person.
2. When the damage results from poor wiring, accident, fall, vibration, exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity or fluid leakage.
3. When the product is subjected to physical or electrical stress.
4. When the construction number or distinguishing marks of the device have been altered, removed or damaged.
5. When the product is used in a manner not specified in the construction specifications or in an environment unpredictable for the manufacturer.
6. When the problem is due to programs (eg viruses, overclocking programs) that alter the functional characteristics of the device.
7. When the manufacturer's maintenance procedures are not followed.
8. There is no warranty or protection against damage caused by incorrect installation or use
9. No warranty or protection is provided for Third Party Products, Software and Upgrade Hardware.
• Our Company reserves the right to change the terms of the warranty, without notice. The terms of the guarantee are those that were valid on the day of purchase. The customer is obliged to keep the text with the terms of the guarantee, with a date that proves the terms that were valid on the date of purchase.
• In case our Company for any reason can not repair your machine, has the right to replace it with a machine that has the same or better features as the original machine. The machine provided for replacement is not necessarily from the same manufacturer.
• Although replacement is not possible, our Company has the right to keep the machine

but, and to credit the customer the initial amount. The amount credited can only be used for purchases of goods by our Company (ie no refunds)

Repair time
• An attempt is made to repair or replace the machine in 4-48 hours. In the vast majority of cases, this is possible except during holidays and vacations where time may increase.
In any case, we try to minimize the time, taking into account that the machine is an essential tool for our customer.

Place of repair
• The repair of the machine is done in our headquarters.
The cost and the risk of sending the machine to and from our headquarters, belongs to the customer.
Our Company can undertake the transfer on behalf of the customer. And in this case, the cost and risk of transportation is borne by the customer.
• Products that have been delivered with free shipping can in no case be returned to the company for inspection or repair at the expense of the company.
• In any case, the cost for the inspection or repair of the device is borne by the customer.